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Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
Also, do you have any pics of the rough wagon trail road up from there to the Shirk Ranch? That was a bad mother! Definitely not recommended for the big bikes!
I was out for a fall ride last weekend starting Nov 3rd, ending Nov 6th. I made a point of re-riding this road so I could take some pics. Its odd that I never did take any pics of it before. I guess I was just trying to get through it. Its funny that now that I've ridden that section 4 different times, it doesn't seem as long, and not as rough. I think maybe I've figured out some smoother lines.

Anyway, some pics:
The gateway to the start


And rougher

The "rough" pic is pretty representative of most of that route. The "rougher" pic is representative of many short sections, though.
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