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Come on man, if what you say about being a Checker for the last 10 years is correct, you should know better. Thinking that race gas melted your motor is wrong. High octane race fuel burns cooler and slower than pump gas. It is intended for high compression engines to prevent pre-ignition. Pump gas could cause problems with a high compression engine set up to run race fuel (and possibly even melt it down if you are stupid enough to push it that hard) but race fuel in a standard compression engine is simply a waste of money and does NO harm. I'm betting what really happened is you guys partied with Larkin the night before and you forgot to put the oil in the gas. If you are not a bike Checker then you were partying the night before with Tony Tellier and Kras .

How could putting people out in the desert supporting NORRA be cheaper than supporting SCORE????

So yeah Checkers MC or Checkers Offroad?
HAHAHAHA!!! Well... I don't know better! that's why I'm a CHECKER!
Yeah, I was drunk with Kras... the night before (and Bowers too - lol) - but that was just a lucky guess on your part, and had no relation to the DNF i recieved. Didn't see Larkin, or TT, but I've been known to be drunk with those 2 cats as well. Come to think of it, I'm a better partier than a desert racer! HAHAHA!! oh, and it's Checkers Offroad by the way - what else is there?

Who the fu@k knows what they put in my bike, maybe it was some kerosene from their lantern. I wasn't on the bike at the time, and it really wasn't the point of my bitch. Just giving the heads up to anyone looking for "support" to maybe look elsewhere.

Now look what you've done, I'm actually debating dumb stuff over the internet. haha!
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