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I've been thinking about the generalist vs. specialist issue for the last few thousand miles and realized something that helped me not feel pigeonholed. I've been wrestling with the idea that I might be forced to specialize in something again to be properly employable, but then a parallel hit me that gave me hope.

After Engineer Pass I remember laughing aloud in my helmet at the stunning contrasts that these bikes are capable of. My tires had cuts and bites and chunks missing from a trail where it seemed only specialized vehicles would dare tread. And yet, with no modification, no adjustments I was on my way to Ouray at 75mph and cruising comfortably with heated vest and grips purring along in relative luxury. What an amazing machine I thought, the more I push these bikes the more I become impressed with them.

The embarrassing part is that it took me days to make the connection with my dilemma. Considered the widest little niche market, the dual sport bike seems to have caught on everywhere and riders choose them for all sorts of reasons an put them to work in a wide range of duties. Most of us are probably here for similar reasons, because we too appreciate a machine that isn't the best at anything, but great at lots of things, especially when they're really pushed. I'd like to think that I too am the master of nothing, but pretty well rounded and capable of excelling in specific areas when needed.

I was looking for synonyms for "generalist" and was struck at what I felt was a positive description. From MacMillan : "someone who knows a lot about a wide range of subjects" It gives me some hope that if so many people can appreciate the generalist nature of dual sport bikes, then maybe someone can appreciate what I have to offer.

Now, where are they? How do I find them? How do I market myself to someone I don't know for a job that may not exist yet? I welcome your ideas.

Photo unrelated, but made me smile.

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