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Oct 31 to Nov 2 Guanajuato

Short ride to Guanajuato via Dolores Hildago. Not much in Dolores that I bothered stopping for but it was the home of Father Hildago, the initial leader of the revolution.

Guanajuato is one wild town. I don’t think there is a straight street here – they curve around, go over each other, will be on different levels and frequently plunge into tunnels. I was expecting to have to hire a taxi at the edge of town to lead me to the hotel but, for the first time, the GPS didn’t get screwed up in a city and led me right to the hotel. Well, led me to the back gate which was one street above the street the entrance was on. To get to the right street go over a bridge, down a ramp, around a roundabout then under the bridge and arrive at the other side.

So, here I am checked into the hotel and walk back to the bike and a guy was standing there and we start yakking. He offers to show me around and while I want to tour around, I’m not sure what he wants to do. I’m thinking he’s trying to sell me something and while a tour isn’t out of the world, I’m not gushing. He finally pulls out his wallet and shows me ID cards from drivers liscences to pension cards to what I think is an insurance card for a BMW 650GS. Now it’s sinking into my thick skull – he wants to show me around town as a fellow bike rider. Cool (Bitchin, boss, rad – you pick)!
Agree for him to stop by the hotel in the morning on his bike and we can see the sights.

Mi Amigo Gerardo.

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