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I hope you go ahead with he cx and build the subframe. I have a gl500 that has about 60something thous on it and is expendable I also have a dnepr sidecar. I talked to sidecar Bob and looked at the pictures I could find and the angle iron looks the easiest for me. I am just slow and not good at posting pictures on the pc. However reading your post has got me at least looking for iron and have enough to start. One reason I got held up was it appears I may have to lose the exaust system as it is (maybe) and some of the fairing that is no big deal. I do have a mt-16 dnepr so I kind of know what a rig looks like. Anyway good luck and I will watch your progress and will post to let you know how I am getting on. I think the first part I will make will be the part that goes on the engine lugs and try to figure out in space where I want the front mounting ball. And am also thinking of using the center stand mounting ears. Any how good luck hope you go with the cx they are good bikes. Dennis
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