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If you are bored at home try successfully setting up a new tent you are unfamiliar with in the living room with the lights out by feel with a box fan turned on full blast preferably blowing across air cooled with a chest full of ice as a soundtrack with dogs barking and donkeys braying plays from your sound system and you can re-live my first night arriving in Real de Catorce in the dark. That my friends is ADV FTW!

I've been traveling in Mexico for around a week and thought I'd share some things I've learned so far.

The word for wifi password is clave (claw-vay) which is the word for key en espaņol.

Town squares sometimes have free public wifi as a community service or hotels with open wifi nearby.

This wind-up battery powered flashlight that my sister gave me is proving quite useful. Just fold out the handle give it some cranks like a wind up toy and voila, LED lightting that never needs batteries:

Another handy thing to have has been this screw in socket with 2 outlets for charging the AA batteries and plugging in the computer from the ceiling fan over the bed instead of in the bathroom where the only outlet was:

this 4-way AA battery charger is handy for charging 4 AAs at a time. Also eight spare rechargeable AA has been a nice amount to keep the camera, GPS and water purifier going between plug-in recharge availability while out camping.

Since I am carrying more camping and computer gear this time it is much easier to find things if you always put things away in the same place. Same goes for wallet, keys, pen, pad, camera, glasses, coins always going in the same clothes pockets while you are riding. I try to put things in the first place that comes to mind since that is where you will look for it the next time. You will save yourself a lot of time looking for things if you always put them back in the same place. Especially when stealth camping in the dark it is nice to know where things are. If you can't find something and do without you should throw that thing away when you finally find it if you are traveling minimalist. The only things I am carrying that I haven't used so far are tubes and tire repair kit, battery trickle charger, battery powered tire pump, spare zip locs, rain pants and spare bike parts like front sprocket air and oil filters. And they go in the bottom of the waterproof duffle bag with the tent since duffle bags are such a pain in the ass. I have gotten rid of everything else I don't use . Most of that came from the bottom of the duffle bag or the bottom of the panniers. You don't need as much stuff as you might think. Less weight on the bike saves your suspension when you're pounding down the roads less traveled. You have to be a bit ruthless at times but if you haven't used it this week, it's easy to find down the road and it's not essential for bike maintenance and emergency repair I get rid of it

Always put things away after you use them. Don't set things down. The only things I have lost so far are things I set down and didn't put away. Baseball hat flew off somewhere in Kansas when I set it on the bike and took off one morning and top of the line pair of REI expedition socks that I took off and left outside Tricepilots back door when I was staying in San Antonio. It is very easy to lose stuff while you are traveling if you set things down absent mindedly and don't put them away. Maps, bottles of water, camera, wallet, battery recharger that sort of thing. Easy to lose.

That's all I can think of for now.

More later……

Kindest regards,
John Downs
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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