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Originally Posted by MikeO View Post
Yes, I only noticed how bad that was when I played the video back - you can hardly hear it

I have my original TBs in a drawer - I think I'll have them refurbed over the winter.

It's a lot quieter when it's cold, isn't it?

I'm still thinking in terms of HT arcing, from the type of sound it is...
I'm pretty sure it is you right butterfly shaft. On the right side throttle body put your finger against the right side throttle cable where it is out of the sheaf. You should be able to feel the shaft vibrating. Just use very light pressure and you can probably make the sound go away.

I always found the right side of the boxer engine noisier than the left side.

If you thing it is a HT lead, run the bike in the garage ( doors open ) at night ( lights off ) and see if you can see any arching.
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