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Redoubt # 3 was one of six Confederate earthwork fortifications constructed during 1861 and 1862 across the center of James Island from a tributary of James Island Creek on Croskey Royall’s Plantation, south to Stiles Mellichamp’s Plantation on Clark Sound. In November 1863, it was armed with one 24-pounder smoothbore cannon.

These earthworks were collectively known as the East Lines. They were designed, with other earthworks located to the west, to protect Charleston from a Federal attack originating from the Stono River. In late 1863, when the stronger New Lines were constructed nearer the Stono River, the East Lines became obsolescent. This redoubt and the rest of Charleston’s defenses were evacuated on February 17, 1865.

Ugh I was convinced I knew where this was until I got there and realized the sign was wrong. Drove all around james island in the dark looking for this one. I brought my camera and tripod to take a cool night picture then I got to the location and a bunch of damn dogs were howling and carrying on. Had to snap a quick pic and take off.

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