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From your post #73: (quote) "First on a forestery track, difficulty level? For the Ural: zero but for our friend with the FZR not so easy to stay on the track due to all the stones..." (end quote)
The 'Gear Up' might be the better bike on tougher roads but the 'Retro' sure is a sweet looking bike. It makes perfect sense to have both. Sided bikes couldn't hold my attention very long, something this report has cured. And what a motorcycle the Ural is. Not many can at the same time radiate ruggedness and grace.

Overall a great report. Seeing Russia so close up really is an eye-opener. Lots of hidden treasures, natural, cultural and human alike, to be discovered. Reports like these strengthen my resolve to visit the land.

There are monstertrucks and there is this megalobikuklodon which will eat them for breakfast, every day.
This country really is full of surprises. For your efforts to let us in we cannot thank you enough. Please, do enrich us with more reports.

You mentioned the factory's outturn of Ural's in 2010 was barely 20 units. Does that imply the motorcycles are built solely to order and to the special requests of the buyer? Just wondering. Live long, ride strong
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