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A month in the lovely Oaxaca has flown by. Three weeks of Spanish school and living in a home-stay, and one week of celebrating dia de los muertos with Marcin, Sara and Dan, and other wonderful friends. It was a time to consolidate and regroup from my trip so far, and at one point, after walking everywhere for weeks, I almost forgot what it was like to travel by bike.
So a recap of the last 4 weeks in installments….

Firstly an update on the bike....
I had been having intermittent problems with the bike. The bike at times when riding at higher speeds seeming to drop into a false neutral, and while the engine was going the wheels were no longer being driven, no matter what gear I shifted into. But then the problem would disappear once I stopped and turned the bike on and off. At other times the rev meter would suddenly start flicking around, sitting for minutes in the red at 8, when I normally cruise at 4. The engine however was not seeming to be changing rev’s. But again the problem was intermittent. I admit, I wanted to ignore it. But I thought better of it...

So I took the bike into BMW Oaxaca, initially worried that I would again hit misunderstanding, not knowing enough spanish to explain my strange problems however I found the service there fantastic. Adan, the 'asesor de servico' working tirelessly to ensure that they found what was wrong with my bike, and keeping me updated by email and phone. They checked over the bike fixing my small issues with dripping oil, and my fears of my gearbox problems, they also discovered the pulse generator was faulty.

Thankfully Marcin/Huzar was also coming to visit me in Oaxaca, so the part I required was express shipped with him in 4 days rather than the quoted 4 weeks (or longer- BMW owners in Mexico city say 3 months is common) that it would take to get parts in Mexico. after receiving the parts in the morning, they fixed the bike by the end of the day, and she was shining and running smoothly again.
Alaska to Patagonia .....
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