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Some nice pics there! Good eye!
I've only skimmed your report ... couple things caught my eye.
I 100% subscribe to the idea of using Taxi's to get through strange cities.
I'm not a GPS guy ...and I know they help in town, but many times they are not accurate. Taxi's work for me ... but always BARGAIN hard on the rate before hand, don't pay in advance. If the driver gives you grief ... find another.

After your language school I'm guessing you've learned a bit more about the culture and are beginning to understand what Machismo is really about. A Blond Gringa will always attract unwanted attention. I hope it doesn't put you off the trip. Remember Lois's (On The Loose) trick?
Wedding ring? y .. "... me espera mi esposo." I met Lois here in San Francisco back in 2003. She had just married Austin. (or was about to?)

After 7 years in Latin America I've seen a few things. Mexico can be one of the most offensive in this regard. Such a terrible beauty.

I worry about your bike. Some very strange symptoms ... lets hope none are fatal. Waiting for parts is lost time and money. If you end up stuck waiting, consider selling the bike off. It's worth a fortune down South, even broken. Or ... you could go to the Galapagos Islands ? .. or Antarctica ... or anyplace. More Spanish classes? Or, if in Buenos Aires, study Tango. Suerte!
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