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Mounting it on the Bike...

The other day I put a thick bead of sealant around my adapter to make sure no air could leak in and now it was dry... I rigged some vent hoses...

I found and soldered on a male TPS plug that fits the FCRs port so that made it simple..

I rigged a bridge vent to eliminate 2 of the 4 hoses and then ran one tube to the airbox and the other down behind the swingarm..

It was a tight fit and I had to jockey around some hoses... I got everything hooked up and then rolled the bike out to give it a test with a remote tank...
After about half a dozen cranks to advance the fuel she fired up in a startling fashion...
The good news is that it runs great at over 5000 RPM but the bad news is: I was unable to test the bottom end power because the revs wouldn't drop below that... I called it quits after that... Next I'll have to see where the fuel is leaking in from to give it the high revs, likely the slide is sticking and not bottoming...
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