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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
That sounds... very advanced. But I can see it might work. Hmm. I might have to try that a little the next time I am on sand.

I am still learning to stand up. I can stand up over dips, and decent quality washboarded road, but I feel like I have... too much steering input? By standing up on rock piles, etc. If it's just a small clump of rocks, and I'm already standing, I can keep doing so, but I feel like my weight being higher makes things more unstable in certain situations, so I turn chicken. It's something I'm working on.

Sounds like a fun trip! See you out there maybe!
When standing, the steering input by the handlebars should be minimized, you should act like you're countersteering with both hands at the same time to try to remain straight as far as handlebar input is concerned. This is where squatting slightly on the footpegs comes in. Now you're steering kung-fu style by shifting your body weight on the footpegs, and doing the "let the bike ride itself" thing as those one guys put it. With your legs not wrapped around the bike, not as "one" with the bike, you can allow it to wallow forward, back, and side to side by having your balance separated from the machine, in spite of some of the center of gravity being higher. This technique saved my ass from some very unforgiving terrain over rocks and sand. One piece of gear that helps A LOT is bar risers. With the bars higher up, it makes this position much more natural.

Glad you survived your ordeal. I almost had something like that happen in the rain in the plains of Texas with the slippery (wet with rain) tar patches on their resurfaced highways. Fortunately I recovered in time to not have to get off the bike, and it happened so fast I don't know how the bike regained balance and traction.
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