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Ya.... Winch

Yeah that Warn XT17 is definitely on the list of this to get when cash flow permits.

This is my situation that sold me.
My friend (on his F800GS) and I (on R1200GSA) were crossing British Columbia from East to West off road and there was a record snow pack that year and it all decided to melt during our trip. After slugging through a few rivers and lots and lots of goose shit consistency mud (4 hours to travel as many Kms!) we came to another river. It was fast flowing and (of course) just over nut high. We we were able to walk his bike across with it running with not much of a problem but we could only run my bike for a portion of it before we have to shut it off because the water was over the cylinder heads and getting too close to the intake. We got right in the middle of that river when some of the rocks on the bottom shifted and we couldn't move the bike anymore.. forward or back. We were both exhausted, feet and legs numb from the cold water... we looked at each other at the same time with that look... "Fuck... now what?"
Less than a minute later some guy driving one of those side-by-sides with a beer in hand rolled up behind us. "Holy shit dude... did you just drive though all that mud." We could only nod. "You guys need a hand" Head down... Nod.
Drove by us real slow and turned around at the other end... handed the end of the winch cable and a strop to us and pulled the bike across lickety-split.
A rope would not have done us any good by ourselves.

It's not that I'd ever plan a trip saying, "I got a winch now let's follow that KLR!"
but when you're in an unexpected jam and you are exhausted in the middle of no-where and the sun is going down in an hour... ya.... winch.
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