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I slept pretty good for once. Must have been all the alcohol. Plus, the body aches and sore throat were no longer on my mind. When we awoke, more swimming.

And then Brian piloted us back to shore.

Back at the house we packed up the bikes.

But in the meantime, I had a little time to poke around Brian's property. He's an avid paddler and restores old canoes.

And he collects old bikes and outboard motors.

Not a very good photo, but this is Brian's prized possession. It's a mostly-complete outboard from the early 20th century.

The dark grey part is the cylinder, and below that in light grey is the crank case. The gearing (though not assembled here) is exposed.

And of course that old Jeep.

We headed out to Brian's cabin--or cottage as they say in Canada--and stopped by the Kirkfield Lift Lock.

The lock is one of two lift locks in Canada. This one was completed in 1907. The structure is difficult to photograph in its entirety.

There are two giant tubs which work in conjuction to form a 49-foot lift (or drop) along the Trent-Severn Waterway. Here you can see the giant hydraulic lift under the bathtub.

Next we stopped at what Brian called the "car wash."

So called because as Brian explained, guys would drive their cars down into the stream to wash it. He also pointed out that it made for a good trick to drive down the road, then swerve off at the last moment and blow through creek.

Ken waits to see if I'll ride through.

After a moment of hesitation, I decided to ride through it. Brian videotapes everything, and if I can ever talk him into sending me the video, I'll post it. It was a hairy ride through the slippery creek.

Our next stop was the theatre in Minden. Brian and Ken wanted to see Spiderman.

At first I thought it was odd, but when we arrived, I began to understand. First, the cinema is located in the woods. The parking spread out on gravel lots.

This world-famous cinema is unlike any other theatre you've ever been to. Inside is perhaps the largest collection of movie and theatre memorabilia anywhere. Hundreds (or thousands?) of old movie projectors are on display.

Many have handwritten signs saying things like, "Found in theatre in Omaha, Nebraska, 1976." There are also movie props and collectibles from the past century. Each of the five theatres is themed and films are shown using 50s era projectors.

The theatre was being threatened by closure because of the shift to digital format but latest news on the website is that it will remain open.

Plus, the movie only cost six bucks! It's really an amazing place.

Next we stopped at the Beer Store in town, which displays a giant mural with all kinds of crazy scenes.

And then lunch.

After lunch we headed toward Brian's cabin and stopped by the Minden Wild Water Preserve.

It was getting late when we made it to Brian's cabin.

More beer and joking around until late.

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