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Rattle at 3500 RPM

My 2012 1200 Triple Black started that 3500 rpm rattle on the left side at about 2000 miles.
Now at 6 k miles and it might be getting worse.
I only hear it when there is no load on the motor, in any gear.
Tried to hear it while stopped, in neutral, by holding the rpm at 3500, no noise.
Valve are all in spec.
Sync is spot on.
Sounds like a cam chain.
I think it's too loud to be the throttle body, like the 1150's (My old 1100's and 1150's knocked like that when the t/b bushings were worn.)
Could it be piston slap?
It's really annoying, I just try to stay out of that rpm range, but something's not right.
I haven't talked to any dealers yet.
I hope someone could find the cause.
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