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For eyes there are few things you can carry. I recommend having either a camel back or other water source with just water so that you can drink it, and use it for any other purpose (radiator fluid, eye irrigant/flush, wound flushing, putting out a small fire, squirting your friend etc..). Your eye is composed of the actual eye, a variety of musculature and the the bony structure around it. If you have a puncture and the object remains you should splint it in place while putting the least amount of pressure on the injury and protecting the open wound. If there is not a puncture and you were capable of removing debris but corneal abrasions occurred ensure that all debris has been removed, then create the best pirate patch you can make. I suggest carrying a few cutips for debris removal. The eye is an injury that is no fun at all, I wear ballistic rated sunglasses that cover my eyes/orbit completely. By ballistic rated I quite literally mean that my ESS glasses can stop a low velocity .22 cal short. In my opinion the best way to prevent an eye injury is to wear proper safety gear.

In summary, irrigate, remove non-embedded debris, splint/stabilize anything fixed in the eye, get immediate medical attention. Depending on where you are and the severity of the injury you may be helo'd out (life, limb, eye sight). Shortly I will make a small video covering some of these techniques.
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