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Sounds good, let's go!
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Originally Posted by OldPete View Post
"promptly fell asleep and woke with dark clouds moving in." Been there.

You even got an outlet by the bed this time. High class for sure.

Since you're a stone mason I do appreciate what you offer on that craft. Keep it up.
As a skilled OTR truck diesel mechanic few want to hear what I can offer.

This ride will be of considerable distance and a not uncommon issue is rear wheel bearings.
Have you thought of carrying a set?
What about jetting for the time spent at high altitudes in the area of The Andes?

Just finished a short RR of a couple doing the TAT and in The Rockies her KLX250 was only good for 1/2 throttle
but his WR being injected had no issue. (The new XT250 is injected btw)
I think of this because of a trip in The Rockies two-up on a Guzzi in the late '80s. It ran like crap.

Stayin' with you on this ride, my best,
Hi OldPete,

What looks like an outlet in the pic is the switch for the ceiling fan, but a hot shower and a nice bed for 20 bucks a night is definitely high class for me. Like staying at the Ritz Carlton for a normal person.

As far as jetting, the bike ran fine over 12,000 feet further north. The diaphram on the main jet needle slide seems to do a fair job of compensating for altitude. Just had to turn up the idle. Not sure what carb the KLX250S is but my guess is regular slide like my XR250 that runs like crap over 6,000 feet with the stock main jet.

But if it's a problem and if I make it to the altiplano of Bolivia and the Andes then it is easy enough to pick up a slightly smaller main jet. Easy to get to on the Sherpa without removing the carb.

Wheel bearings for small bikes aren't hard to find. So far mine are holding up. I think it would be good to carry a spare set if you were on a bigger bike with a heavy load. Those seem to be the ride reports you read where the rear shock blows and the wheel bearings wear out.

Glad to have you along as always.

John Downs
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