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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Seem's like the major off piste navigational hazard at the "Montezuma Rally" this year, was not a matter hitting the waypoints with the GPS... but rather finding the fastest route between the catering tent and the crapper without soiling ones bike shorts or making an emergency trunk call on the big white telephone*

* Now, for that matter... one thing we western civilization ADV types might want to ponder... Being "ill" in a foreign land/culture, ain't exactly like getting a bad dose of mexican or indian food at a local restaurant back home in western suburbia; where one can retreat to the comfort of your own fully accomplished bathroom.

No siree... consider having to lean over and "yack" into your garden variety African "hunchover" latrine (ceramic tiles if you're lucky... but possibly/probably earthen floor), while your nether regions feel like a busted fire hydrant/combined with the sensation of a flaming basketball hoop... all in up to 40 degree temperatures; with nowhere to escape from the heat... your head is pounding like a kettle drum and stomach churning... "too scared to fart" becomes your motto.

For those of us that are used to white vitreous China waterclosets... and the creature comforts of modern bathroom facilities... this shit makes the giant dunes of a DAKAR look like a walk in the park!!

Once again... cross country/desert rallying, it's not just the eight hours a day on the motorcycle that is reflected on the score board... Everything you do, from the point of inscription - 24 hours a day - till you cross the finish line; effects what that bottom line figure on the timesheet is at the end of the day... What you eat, how you sleep, personal hygiene, and recovery/relaxation time are in many ways just as important as mechanical preparation/service, riding skill/speed etc. It's not just out on the piste that determines the winners from the also rans (sorry more inadvertent toilet humour ) and managing all of these factors is a part of what competing successfully in a marathon rally is about.

None moreso than DAKAR... (where I am told though, that the catering of recent years is of TOP NOTCH standard) but certainly, in years past (especially on some African events) there have been many occassions where food/water consumption needed to be given a lot of thought/consideration if you wanted to avoid a bout of the "both ends boogie".
So is this the Wiki definition for 'Fire in the Hole!

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