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That thing on the front guard is a roo-whistle, and they come in pairs for around $7.

They seem to work mostly, and tend to wake up some other critters too. I have them on all my bikes and cars, and space them apart so they phase in and out of their harmonic range (that's why they're sold in pairs eh) which tends to get the furry bastards attention. There's still no guarantee they won't just jump in front of you, kangaroos are the animals with the least road-sense ever. The roadsides here are littered with dead 'uns.

If the roo-whistle doesn't work, let me know and I'll take the bike off your hands.[/QUOTE]

Well they are called something different in Canada, not may Kangaroos here. We use them for the deer and depending on where you live they can out number the people. Couldn't say they really work but they are cheap and could save tons of money if you hit one, or your life.
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