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AWD please!!
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Every bike is a compromise. From a 630 to a 450, you need to change your mind set and figure out what you need from the bike. Ride a Honda 450X, that will give you a good idea of tranny setup. Are you running single track, ATV trails or open road?

Next season we hope to have our 450 DS built into a Mini Adventure bike. Something we can tour/explore around WI/MI on - say 1,500 mile loops.
Speeds from 0 - 65 MPH so we can run just about anything WI has to offer. And when the going gets tough, the AWD will shine.

For local rides I'm looking for something lighter than my current AWD KTM 950 ADV, although long distance comforts will be given up.

We've been working on some longer range tanks as more range will be needed and helpful. This was my first attempt on modifying a ~4.5 gallon tank.


Plastic welding

Test Fit - 4 gallons after modification

These tanks were much thinner than the Aqualine tanks I modified for the 950 ADV build.

I pressure tested it and all looked good. Filled it with gas and found out 2 days later I started to have a leak. Ethanol must have ate through some of the seams. It was good practice.
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