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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
A further note on using the PC III for richening:

I mentioned that a simple way to use the PC III would be to program the Wideband O2 that comes with it to (say) 13.8:1 and fill in the fuel table with 6% (maybe tapering to a lower number at the high RPMs and high TPSs). However, 6% is only the right number if you're running pure gasoline.

Since I haven't seen any documentation on the PC III's Closed Loop capability and haven't measured it; and since the Motronic's Closed Loop ability (and therefore its Adaptation capability) is disabled by a PC III; I believe that the fuel table should have 10% added for motorcycles that run E10 fuel. That would be 4% for E10 and (say) 6% for the richer Lambda setting on the Wideband O2.
Hi Roger, great thread! Just came over from the Pinging thread. It would be nice to know if the OPEN loop adaptation (+/- 10%) is also disabled by the PCIII wideband. My understanding is this is exactly what is disabled with the older non-wideband PCIII when you also use an O2 eliminator. SInce the PCIII Wideband does have a plug for the stock O2 sensor wiring harness, you gotta wonder just what it does.

However you do raise an important point, on the GS + wideband PCIII, or any other bike running without a connected narrowband O2 but using O2 simulator. That is what if any ability does the remaining hybrid system have for E10? I am guessing none. But all gas in my area seems to be e10 so maybe that point is moot.

Another thought, my car is DI (335xi), and you have to code injectors before replacing them (system ID essentially), it would be nice if there were a way to model each injector for response times and so forth on the GS. I know the PCIII can do individual cylinder mapping in advanced mode, I wonder if there is any benefit in looking at that capability. Obviously the wideband does not see each exhaust pulse (the more modern systems do actually, by time windowing the O2 sensor output) but the fuel tables for each cylinder can be tweaked and then the wideband in closed loop would I guess blanket the whole thing and adjust globally.

Great stuff here.
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