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AWD please!!
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So before I swapped the Stock tank setup back on, a FCR carb from my buddies 450R was installed.

During that time collecting parts, the second future attempt of larger tanks showed up. A 6 gallon Acerbis tank. Test fit it to the 450R as shown on the LEFT bike so get some pics. It has more gas forward, but also much lower. The stock 2.5 gallons will be BELOW the seat. With some light luggage on the back during out trips, I think this will be a good balance. The front forks feel like they have heavy enough springs to handle this extra weight. I'll be reporting back with bike weights from the scales we have here as we go along.

As Pete has stated, this new carb setup really woke the bike up. So after a few test laps and some jetting changes we headed for the dyno.

We were still running a bit rich, but with the air box door open to lean it out a little. Power went up as did the RPMs. We saw about 10,500-11,000 rpms. The bike made 44HP. For comparison, one the Honda 450R with open pipe, fatter jets made about 50HP. The Christini bike has lower compression and smaller valves for longer overall life and we have not run a 450X on the dyno to compare.

I have an O2 bung welded into the header and an Air/Fuel Ratio gauge ready to test fit this weekend when it arrives.

ICE will be here soon and it will be getting set up for some local racing.

So far this has turned into a fun bike to start our build with.
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