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I've been using offline maps for a long time on my phone, and using my phone clipped to the handlebars.

I'm currently using CoPilot Live. This does almost everything I need. You can just have the maps on 2D or 3D ( I hate 3D). You can route using different rules for quickest or more scenic, etc. But it does not have tracks that are practical to export.

I also use OSMand+. Cheap. The maps are free. It does tracks well and has a pretty good feature set. Routing is a bit weak, but that isn't the reason I use it.It has a neat feature where you set the destination, and it gives you a simple map, with an arrow pointing towards the destination. You select the path you want to take by looking at the map or just randomly driving. You glance at the arrow occasionally to see if you are headed in the right general direction. Neat way to explore, yet still get to a destination.

Then there is Trapster and Waze. both are online maps with police and traffic camera warnings.

And of course Google maps, which are great for planning and searching, but limited on routing types.

I've tried Orux maps and a few others, but I just can't get used to them.
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