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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Same strip malls are filled with the same stores, people drive the same cars and wear the same clothes, urban planning makes one city like another and television and media regularlize opinions and outlooks. Independent experiences are also starting to feel the same. Points of interest and local attractions in one location have begun to converge with previous locations. Privately owned coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall restaurants are starting to homogenize; individual, distinctive characteristics seem to be morphing into a unified whole.
This point reminds me of a book I read about 20 years ago. It was titled something like Generation-X. I recall the statement "nobody is really from anywhere anymore because we all have the same stores in our strip malls"

Sounds like you need to cross another boarder and get the hell out of Dodge. I would really like to see pictures of the Ducati riding through the Andes, no?
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