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Originally Posted by Tweaker View Post
Then you did not do it right. Or what is "worthless" to you is gold to most. I have the entire west coast on my phone and it works. If I had no more memory and needed the entire country, a clever person would just download more when they do have a signal.

I have mentioned this several times with little reaction. Google Maps gives you exactly what the OP asks for. And it is free. That may be the problem, people seem to demand something they need to pay for. I would not want to be in the GPS or map selling business right now.
When I go to select an area on the phone, it only allows me to select about 75 mb worth of data. This gives me roughly a 60x60 mile section. I guess I could do this hundreds to thousands of times to get the entire US and Canada, but I'm just not willing to spend my time doing that. I then also have to hope that I didn't miss areas and worry about if overlapping areas will work seamlessly.

Is there a better way to do this? Is there an app for it?

Free is better. But, I'm willing to buy an app if it is superior to a free one.
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