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Originally Posted by Parcero View Post
I did Chicago to Chiapas (and then Central and South America) almost a year ago--great trip, and one which is still on-going. Mexico has so much to offer. Unless you have unlimited time it's hard to decide what to see and where to go. Right now your biggest decision, I think, is where to drop into Mexico. Do you go all the way west and go down the Baja and then take the ferry across from La Paz, or do you drop in through Douglas, Arizona and ride through the Copper Canyon, which should not be missed?

I'm sure you have already done so, but check out the many excellent ride reports here on ADV on Mexico. Here are a few I would recommend from tricepilot:

Treasures of the Sierra Madre

Copper Canyon & Bitopilas

On Mexican Time
Hi Parcero!

So you have completed the trip I am planning to do. Congrats! I have a barrage of questions for you but will keep them to a minimum. I definitely want to go through copper canyon. I have some reservations about riding solo through this area for fear of encountering some gnarly water crossings. I ride a F800gs and worry if about tipping the bike over fully loaded in a river. Was your trip to South America solo? And did you encounter any serious water crossings? Did you ship you bike back from South America or did you ride back? What was the cost?


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