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nubblies need to die!
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Thumb Griso's are great in the snow...not!

Monsignore, great tale
Glad you made it

I have a similar story to tell. I had just traded in my bike into Ducati NYC for this absolute stunner - 2012 Moto Guzzi Griso 8v in the very limited addition Tenni green with spoke wheels. This happened to be the day prior to the snow storm, and because of scheduling just couldn't pick up the bike.
I'll just pick it up after work the day of the Noreaster. There's no way the snow is going to stick
I don't know about the next guy, but when you're picking up your brand new to you bike, the day couldn't go any slower. Then I look out the window at work around 3 o'clock and see blizzard conditions.
Something like this:

Needless to say it WAS sticking
I get out of work, and walk to the subway. I some how convince myself that if I stick to main roads I should be fine as I can still see black top.
My further Moto fever kicks in so hard that I actually take the subway TWICE in the wrong direction - two connections.
After finally getting to Spring street and 6th Ave the winds have kicked up quite a bit. It's still snowing, and I can no longer see black top next to the store. A normal person would have just turned around gone back into the subway and gone home to pick up another day.
Not me, I was in full blown, moto crack fever.
The salesman are frantically rolling all the bikes into the store.
I walk in with crazy eyes and look straight at Eric, the guy that sold me the bike. He doesn't even blink. He says you taking it tonight? I say yup. He says great it's ready to go. I'll roll it to the corner for you.
I suit up in my best sneakers, jeans, Roadcrafter, and lame ass fall gloves, and we roll the bike outside.
Hmm, sideways wind and sleet.
We get to the corner and Eric's shivering as he turns on the bike.
I forget everything - completely transfixed by the glorious sounds emanting from this amazing looking bike.
I mount up and quickly familiarize myself with the beast. Great center of gravity. Nice and low. Really comfortable riding position. I look to my right thinking Eric had split, but he was standing there as if he needed to witness this act of complete idiocy in real time.
Off I go down Prince street. So far so good. The wide tubular bar gives me great feedback and the torque carries me through most of the slipping and slidding.
Foxtrapper and windmill have described the technique that I was using. Very light touch on the controls. Keeping as vertical as possible, even when turning. Just like a shopping cart
Everything was going fine until I hit the approach to the Williamsburg bridge. I knew that it was going to be a tough crossing since bridges ice up first, but I didn't count on the bumper to bumper traffic all the way across.
Of course, that is also compunded by the narrow travel lanes on the bridge which make it difficult to lane split.
Plus, I had rigid saddle bags attached
After I get to the top of the bridge, my fingers like ice cubes, and my jeans are starting to get soaked from the snow, I can finally give my clutch hand a break.
Once I crossed the bridge, the streets seemed marginally better, but I wasn't seeing black top anymore. Visibility was the worst. Snow kept accumalting on my visor, until I just kept it open out of frustration.
Finally made it. I was wrecked emotionally, and completely frozen, but intact.
I will never do that again.
At least with this bike
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