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The days go bye.......................

The next few days go bye in a blur as we Party a bit and ride alot....

Al, Esther and I go over to the Moab Grill and I meet Tayah... damn it's love again!

I seem to have a tendency to get into these amazing zones where I feel an amazing connection with a new aquaintance, and Tayah and I deffinately fit that bill. I will end up spending more time with her in the months to come.
You can see that we're pretty buzzed up by Al's eyes!^)-

Then it's rejet and maintenance time and more riding...

We head up to ride Onion Creek... Esther is going to get more dirt lessons. Were behind the main group and just enjoying the day.

We all meet up top and they kinda think I'm a wild man ripping up the road Dakar style with the ass end hanging waay out and using all the turns! Hey I'm still a bit rusty from the winter off ok. hahaha

Then as they head back down I decide to ride into the La Sals for a bit more ripping and alone time.

Nobody out here but me... wow... all mine! Rip Tear....

What a........... BEAUTIFUL Canyon...

I find a nice watering hole up top....

Looks like a couple natives back to back...

Back in town that night we party up some more... a lot more and Alex and I get to know Gordon and Storm alot better, as we build a fire and burn it up... I really like these two and we share alot in common for sure! Woop Wooooooooop
Thank you Brothers for the great times!

Next day most everyone packs up and heads for home while Al, Esther and I stick around town for a few more days.... We're gonna ride the White Rim fully loaded tomorrow! YeeeeeHaaaaa

Was great meeting all of you and I look forwad to our next rendezvous, peace and love.
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