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Originally Posted by TUCKERS View Post
I see a permit is required for an organized group of 20 or more. I know we are not organized but it may be obvious we are a group!

Does each site require a fire permit or will there be one permit for the one fire?

Colleen and James are REALLY going to try and make this. We don't have a Hack, so will bring firewood instead, plus if anyone needs ballast James is a Cheeky Monkey.

The amount of firewood will depend on the amount of beer, usually it's 50/50.
Hi James

I am going camping at Jawbone this weekend (actually in an hour) and was planning on picking up a campfire permit from the Jawbone ranger station. More than one can't hurt though.

I don't think we will be 20 people, and anyway we are not an organized group.

BTW All. I bought a cord of Lemon wood cut offs this week for three upcoming camping trips so I too will have firewood.

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