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Originally Posted by VFR View Post
Thanks for another amazing Wans report. I can't believe you can be riding out in the middle of nowhere & come across a campsite exactly when you need one. Really nice ones too. I sure can't do that on the roads....
Hi VFR, I'm happy you're still with us!
Well, it doesn't always work out that perfectly, but Oregon has lots of great camping.
British Columbia was good for that, too. Sometimes we got really lucky.

Good morning, Ladybug!

Oh, you get up so early!
I know I said I'd be back in the morning...
I'm just barely getting it done in time.

Well, it's still morning in Hawaii!

Day 51: 8/11/12 continued
Cranes Crossing to Christmas Valley, OR 263 miles

When we left off, matt was sawing away on a part of the log that caught our bags...
All better!

This must be a real mess in winter...

Someone lost a sofa.
Looks like a great spot for movie night!

Oh, I know this place.
We did a little video here...

heh heh.

Last time, Norm sent us out across that meadow... Oh well. It worked out.

The roads were still nice...

But we were starting to notice a lot of smoke in the air.
It was getting pretty strong here.

In 2008, lots of the OBDR had been on fire, and matt had spent a great deal of time re-routing...

Out in the forest, it's always hard to tell exactly which way the roads are going.
Often times it feels like you're going in circles...

For a while, it seemed like we were going away from the smoke... OK, cool.

But other times, it felt like the tracks were taking us closer to the thick smoke.
Finally, we decided that it was getting too hard to breathe.

So, we let Norm re-route...

He had some trouble at first...

But then we got on a main road.
We surprised this cow. Sorry!

Tried to get a pic of these rocks.
After miles and miles of nothing but forest, they stood out.

The smoke in the valley was getting pretty dense.

Thatís Delintment Lake down there. You can barely make it out...

Hereís how it was in 2010.

So, we missed the babyís grave this year.
In avoiding the smoke, we skipped Delintment (and the road that goes past the grave).

We ran into a guy in a truck who told us that today was the opening of Antelope season.
While we were talking to the hunter, his little dogs were jumping around the cab and climbing all over him.
Then he mentioned that he had his loaded guns on his lap.

We thanked him and then took off before one of his dogs stepped on a trigger!

This was a super dusty road. We were leaving a huge cloud.

I was trying to get an over-the-shoulder photo of the dust. You get the idea...

Riley, here we come!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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