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Originally Posted by dukedinner View Post
+ 1. Seasoned travellers, no matter what the mode, seem to plan less but are usually prepared to cope with the unexpected...and have just the right amount of good gear to get them through.
Tell that to Ranulph Fiennes et al.

I have no problem with you guys not planning as much as I, or others, do but I think it says more about you having to disparage, however obliquely, those who take joy and pleasure in plans and preparation than it does about us,

I don't give a flying monkey's left arse cheek if the person who's riding 1000 miles has spent a month or a day planning - to me the important thing is that they've done it. I don't care if they're solo, or in a group, if they're riding with a film crew or just mates - just the fact that they've done, and shared with us, it works for me.
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