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Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll just have to give it a try. The one time I went to Alegahney I went Foote Crossing, that really was a scenic route.

My upward limit in steepness was Old Galloway Road, the first mile up from Downieville. This last sept. I was returning southbound from Quincy. I hit the turnoff for Yuba Pass early, about 9am, and on a lark I decided to go over Yuba and down to Downieville and up Galloway to Henness, and back to Truckee. I made a gas stop at the pump in Sierra City.

So there I was, heading up Old Galloway with a freshly fueled KLR, all 6 gallons, saddlebags and a duffel, heading up that road that evidently dates to before switchbacks were common practice and grades went straight up ridges. It was hair raising, to me. I got to the top without dropping the bike but I swore Never Again. Not with that bike anyhow. It's hard enough to pick up unladen and on a level surface. I would have been in a bind if I had to try to pick it up on that hill.
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