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Around 1 pm i reach a little city:ok right time toh ave lunch. Iíve got two tin can of fish: if I can find some bread, thatís all I need. Ahh french bread: baguette

The city is little, but the Ho Chi Min picture is very large

along a road I see some big buildings. They looks uninhabitated: a good place to take a rest and eat. Maybe a school or some guid hall.
At the moment zero check point: maybe I had could avoid to pay the 25$ permit.

voilŗ baguette avec poisson

Iím ready to go when appears a men : a keeper ? He cheers to me and then take out a cellphone. I donít undertand why heís taking a picture of my bike behind. He calls me pointig at the screen of his cellphone. Probably he likes to show to me the picture. Suddendly I understand that democracy is a little bit far from Vietnam. He has a list of plates, even mine. With the number of the plates of my bike therís the date of the permit. How many people are keeping me under surveillance ?

I had a stop to take a picture, but I see 2 Black Hmong ( a Vietnam tribe) walking and bringing cattle. I hope to donít have problems with this wild men: the problems in the comunication can get the encounter very dangerous. I turn with my camera...but they see me. My blood became cold, but they donít care of me: Iím safe.

This time no risk with the locals: I use the zoom

Finally Meo Vac: lucky, a Yamaha service

To sleep I search in the little city and I meet 4 english bikers that I saw in Ha Giang. Their hotel is the only in the city: others accomodations are Guest House. Reception restaurant...12 $ (9,4 Ä) for room: Ahhhhhhh After a while I find my place 4$ (3,14 Ä) for the room. Ok

The Guest House is run by a family: Father, mother and 4 daughters. The oldest is 14 years old and the mother is 34...ok at the age of 40 in Vietnam you can became grandfather

The daughter that is 14 years old knows 10 english words, but my phrasebook helps a lot. After a shower Iím back in the hall and I notice the wonderful fish that they cooked for dinner. I point my finger on the fish and on me, to try to ask: ďCan you cook one for me ?Ē They smile and invite me to eat with the family

My efforts with chopsticks always are fun for asian people..and sometimes a friend of the family looks at me from outside. I could let pay a ticket for the show

this isnít the fifth daughter, but a friend from Ha Giang

no way to can pay the dinner: Iím a guest of the family, and so I go to sleep.
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