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Originally Posted by nunzo View Post
Sorry for the note, but please understand that I am computer illiterate.

After loading the drivers and setting things in motion for my 08 990 adv, I read the stock map, saved to my c drive successfully. Here is where I got freaked out...I was watching the Akra map load and right about 96% complete, the headlight turned on and the fuel pump reset? or turned on. I disconnected the cable and then tried to fire up the bike to finish off the loaded map with the 15 minute idle trick.

The bike would not turn over almost sounding like it was a bad battery? Incidentally, I keep the bike on a trickle charge at all times and kept the battery charger on during this session.

Did I mess something up with the map download??

Any help would be appreciated since I sure would like to ride this weekend.

Oh man I've never had of that happening.

When downloading a new map I see 100%. I don't remember the ECU resetting. Did you select disconnect from the TuneECU menu before disconnecting the cables and turning off the ignition?

Other than asking the experts here for advice I'd

1) Check my battery to insure it's in good condition and fully changed. How old is it?
2) If battery is good; Pull the fuse on the headlight.
3) Connect TuneECU to the bike
4) Read the map to see what was installed.
5) If map is the one you want then disconnect TuneECU.
6) Turn off ignition
7) Wait for a few seconds and try to restart.

However, it sounds like your battery may have a problem if it doesn't turn the bike over normally.
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