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sigh..which one?

Been searching for 3 days. The more i search the less i understand. The large threads here are too far offtopic for my tiny head to get around. I don't have the money for a Montana which would have stopped the question in the first place I also get lost in my own backyard if that makes a difference.
Used for
small bike (sometimes medium one)
trails (maybe a few FS roads)

Card slot
Priced around $250(hoping)
Run on batteries
Backtrack for when I'm lost
Save my traveled tracks and be able to upload/edit/download and travel again later
Download someone else's tracks
Good inexpensive mounting system (not $150 one )

Don't care
touch screen
easy to read while riding

Don't need
Tide tables
moon phases
tutorials on how to blow my nose

I was looking at the Montana or 60/62st priced at around $500. If I can get one that will work fine for half that now....all over that! So seeing the 78 for $230 has my interested peaked. I'm assuming the 62 that is only a couple bucks more would also need hundreds of dollars worth of maps? Sigh...Help this befuddled old man.
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