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Originally Posted by Kap View Post
Go to AAA. Put your bike in lifted pick up truck and don't bring a ramp or bike stand. Wait for a woman in a skirt and high heels to help you. When she goes outside to check your emmissions sticker and odometer she won't climb into the truck. You just tell her that you'll read whatever she needs. Pretend your looking at an odometer with over 7500 miles on it, then read a sticker from your rear fender that says approved for California highway use. When she asks if engine number is on sticker tell her it's scratched and you'll read number from motor.
Nice! Actually, the lady at my DMV said they are not allowed to climb in a truck or help unload it. You must do it. Then she said not to tell anyone, and climbed into the truck. It was a 3-wheeler, and I was after a green sticker (off road only). The computer would not let her register a 3-wheeler for some reason, so she said "what a bunch of nonsense", and registered it as a home built buggy. We have an unusually sensible bunch of folks at our DMV.

Originally posted by HAPPYTRAILSINC

Unless it's a mistake, which does happen all the time. So guys keep trying, some get them. And some get them and then they get taken away. LOL.
Ive' never heard of ANY being taken back
I have heard the entire California registration being pulled a full year after purchase from a dealership. A friend of mine ordered a Ducati sportbike from a SF Bay Area dealership, and they sourced it from Oregon. After adding lots of carbon fiber, extended swing arm, and a bunch of other ugly show bike stuff, the CA DMV wrote him a letter requiring him to return it to the dealership because it wasn't CA smog certified. He had already sold off the OEM parts, so to get his full purchase price back, the bike had to be complete. He was pissed. I bet the shop in Oregon was surprised, though.
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