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Originally Posted by Slowred View Post
Hey Big E,

Yeah, I guess I have earned it this year. I'll keep it warm for Rattlecan. Are you going to be at the CO's ride to hand it off? It wouldn't be the same w/o you.

I got a return ride in today and only managed to fall once!!! Of course it was on the side with my new bionic limb. My heart did skip a beat or two.
I am planning on being at the start for the kick off, but I am not going to ride as that would be the first ride in about 2 months and I like being healthy!!

I will have the trophy ready for you, and we can make the presitation then. Good to have you all welled up my Friend! Wait till you guys see what Drew did with the trophy, it is way cool! I gotta come up with sometin' for Terry!

See you all soon!
"If my Technique Improves, so will my riding"!
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