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Eating goat with the Cartel

I've got 19 days to do an epic ride. I chose Mexico this year. I attempted Baja 2 years ago, but blew my engine up 4 days into the ride.

As soon as I got back I started the rebuild, now with electric start. Fresh motor, I'm ready to go again.
I purchased Lizard Lady maps, E32 GPS maps, and spent a whole lot of time on google earth trying to find some great spots to go for.
8 months of mapping, planning and coordinating with 2 other people, I think I've got a solid plan.
Just a couple of months before the adventure begins, both riding partners fell thru, my Spanish isn't going very well either, but I push on with my plans.
I change bikes, since this will be a solo trip, lets be more comfortable.

A few course changes, Baja peninsula, ferry to Mazatlan, Espinoza Del diablo, Copper Canyon, and lot of historical places, gear is decided on, now I'm set.

Starting mileage

Day starts off like any other big trip does, late start, got the butterflies in my stomach, but not too long I pass up a border patrol agent who gives me the thumbs up, mp3 player to ear bleed, Hurricane Paul has died down to a tropical storm. I'm heading south of the border.

Immigration takes an hour and half, Go in this door, hand over passport, take this paper work over to the Aduana, they want my passport, go back over, collect passport and other paper work, head back over to the Aduana. They don't think my registration is good, they walk over to another building, then they go look at the bike. Money is exchanged, TVIP is secured, permit is in my pocket and I head south out of Mexicali and then west towards Laguna Salada.
Laguna Salada is a dry lake bed almost 33 feet below sea level, 37 miles long, and at its widest area 11 miles.
Which makes this a great place to start my Mexican adventure.

Seems like a bad place to lose your shoes and what might be a pair of underwear, I didn't go any closer for inspection.

Being from the Phoenix area I thought I was comfortable with heat, but just standing here breathing, is causing a waterfall effect from my forehead.

I'm soon off the Salada and making my way to my first nights planned camp (the only planned night), Canon de Guadalupe.

The oasis is in the horizon

This is a great place. Motorcycle parking only.

I stroll around until I find someone, he leads me to a nice campsite with a private hot spring tub.

The water is very hot, way too hot after crossing the Salada, so I'm told of a waterfall on this well marked hiking trail, with Cairns, evidently, others have felt that it wasn't marked well enough as there where Cairns all over the place, but after a few turn arounds and sliding down big boulders, I dip into the cold water and cool my overheated body down.

The hike back above the campground.

Like any other Gringo, you see a donkey, you take a picture, but these guys really like their pictures taken as they started to follow me around.

I duck behind some trees and when they weren't looking, I made a fast break back to camp.

The evening brings on an awesome sunset and the water has cooled off enough to try out the hot tub.

The man boob shot

I don't bother putting up my tent, it's still pretty warm so I lay my sleeping bag on the table, I'm way too excited and have a hard time falling to sleep, because I'M RIDING MY MOTORCYCLE THROUGH MEXICO!!!!
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