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Too stunned for words!!!!!

My teacher, after looking at some of my photos took me a school that was having a photography exhibit for one day as he thought i would appriciate it for the art and also it would show me a side of Gautemala in his words "i hope you will never see"

photos are VERY GRAPHIC so if you are easily offended wait for my next post which will be a lot lighter...

these are NOT my photos, i took them secretly so other can see...i expect to see things as i travel that blow me away, but from someone else's photos is not an emotion i expected today

he explained to me that his father worked in the sugar cane fields for 30 years and it was a very hard way to make a living, you just exisited...the pay right now today is 20 Quetzales per ton, in dollars at todays exchage rate thats $2.55!!

he showed me a couple of photos and told me that this is how he remembered his father looking at the end of the day

next was some photos of the garbage dump area outside of Guatemala City where a river flows thru and because of this the heavier objects (metallic objects, steel, tin, aluminum cans etc) end up at the bottom, this is collected and if they are lucky on a very, very good day then maybe a tiny amount of gold may be there too

Drugs have been a large part of central american culture and certain areas of certain cities are controlled by gangs, this is the only photo that i think needs to be posted...others were way to graphic, ganglands ritual murders etc...i'm sure you can use your immagination for that

this is the bad photo and purposefully i have put it on here small and at the end so as not to see all the details, but what is being shown here is a that a family cannot afford to pay the 80 Q's a year or just 0.02 cents a day to keep their family member buried in the cemetery

so the body has been exhumed and is propped against a wall, standing up, until it is taken away with others that are about to exhumed for "cremation"and to disappear for ever...and if you read the earlier post about Nov 1st Day of the dead you will understand how horrific this is for a family and culture who have the utmost respect for the deceased

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