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OK, finished up what I thought I needed to do on the centerstand. It fit well, but the spring mounts had to be relocated. I did that, threw on some paint, and started on a skid plate while the paint dried. As you can see, I bought waaaayyy too much alum, but hey, it's not like it goes bad... it'll come in handy, I'm sure.

Got to use the plasma cutter again - much better results this time, but still lots of slag. I found out my air pressure was way too low. It may still be low, or my amperage is off... either way - steps in the right direction!

Welding was not going well for me on this stuff - got it good enough eventually - but man it was tough. Not sure why... I'm guessing operator error. Anyway - the drain plug was still lower than all else, so I built a little workaround for extra protection.

Ok, with that done, I reinstalled the centerstand but I screwed up the spring mounts somehow. No bueno.
Looking at it, I don't think I can make it work, which hasn't happened in long time. I took it off and got a little pissed... lotsa time and money wasted on that one.

Ah well... nothing like a GPS in the mail to cheer you up. I'll have to see about a RAM mount to fit the big fat bars... their width is so annoying.

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