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I'll chime in here, but with a funny story about slow riders on the section trail.

Last spring while riding (more casually than I realized) down the section trail headed back to the scoring table, sitting lazily on my ass aboard my crap-a-lap TS Reflex, I was passed rather forcefully by a......Beginner rider. "Geez, what's your hurry?" I thought aloud. I had blown through the entire Trial in 1 hour and 10 minutes (it was not a particularly long nor challenging Trial) and we had plenty of time left. Afterward during lunch, TilleJaques (yeah) came up to me and chewed me out (you know you did! ) for riding down the section trail "like a blind old lady on her way to tea!!" I doubled over with laughter, as I am usually one of the ones hotfooting (hotwristing??) down the trail. I apologized for being "that guy", and told her to rev the bike to let me know that you are there next time. She said she did rev the bike several times, and I continued to fuddy along ahead of her "just to be funny". Now keep in mind, I'm on a box-stock (somewhat) Reflex with a stock exhaust on it, which makes less noise than a Singer sewing machine at full song. I never heard her.

Point being, make yourself known when you want to pass. Do whatever it takes, and don't take for granted that the rider in front of you knows that you are there, especially when passing a fat old TS rider daydreaming about his next beer........
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