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So we rise on the sixth day of our journey. The trip today will take us through Wilmington, down by Kure Beach to see a friend, across the Fort Fisher Ferry to Southport and finally late in the day we find our room in Charleston on Meeting Street just across from the old slave market.

Leaving Topsail Island, we see more of these strange looking little concrete buildings:

I have been a regular visitor to Topsail for over 30 years. Locals have told me these were observation towers that used to be several levels higher when this island was occupied by the military in WWII. They were watching for the German Subs that continually tried to enter the ports in this area. When the military left, they lowered these by several levels and now many of them are used for homes or office space.

Up at Surf City, we turn west to cross off the barrier island to the mainland:

A boat rack. Neat storage system....

Crossing the draw bridge:

Needs a little TLC?? Or just give up and let it be a flower pot

You decide......

We had breakfast at Jimbo's where the tree resides in the parking area very near UNC-W and it was a great breakfast!

We rolled on down to Kure Beach to visit one of Barbara's high school classmates, Dave, and see his motel which is his pride and joy and he works very hard to make it super nice. What a neat guy he is!

The Kure Keys Motel. Check it out if you want a nice place to stay, a JAahhhhhCuzzi, and the best of hosts.

Our trusty horse tied up outside:

It was a fun visit but we had to eventually roll on toward Charleston so we hit the Fort Fisher Ferry for a brief ride over to Southport:

Here comes our ride:

We disembark from our third ferry ride this trip:

mtngal gets a photo behind as we leave the ship:

We find a lot of water towers it seems:

Having problems with her ear rings in that wind I guess Obviously we are in SC where helmets are not in vogue...

Another shot of the ever-present and growing orbs in mtngal's camera!

We enter Charleston. What an awesome bridge they have here!

Great camera work by mtngal!

That's right, she took these right in the 5pm traffic mess..timed our entrance perfectly! I was about nuts by the time we got to our room as I had this traffic, full of idiots, and the sun setting right in my face....ugh!!!

Finally we enter the old part of town near the water and our room on Meeting Street: The architecture here is incredible as you will see form a few select shots tomorrow. We spend a couple days here. Just to nice to fly through town without enjoying the culture and food.

Here ye go, at our room, valet park this! This was an awesome place to stay and the porter helped us get all the cases to our room then led me with his golf cart to their private parking and brought me back. Simple even on a bike so this gave us a great room right across from the market and a fun town to share with mtngal for a few days:

While we were unloading and our cameras were not handy, guess who we meet right outside the entrance? Remember the nice guy from Germany that I meet on the ferry? He and his friend were staying here as well! What a small world.

Beautiful courtyard and more photos of this to come as this is a small section of it:

View from outside our door:

Yes we splurged here on the room but it was the best deal in town for parking our bike, the room is obviously elegant, and right in the shops and market for my lovely lady to enjoy ( and FOOD what great FOOD )

We went out for a stroll and I was ready for some beer and FOOD! Headed down by the market, we again run into our German friends and they had eaten at AW Shucks and loved it so we headed there. After a round of their bacon wrapped shrimp, we had dessert Yes, this fall I ended up eating my way from Shediac, NB Canada to Charleston and loved and as I sit here posting this up, I am still trying to starve the pounds off my butt !

Ok folks, tomorrow is a big day so I'll show up with that in a day or so....
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