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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post

Applying the rear brake is challenging to me while standing. I do have the bar risers, which helps me to not be hunched over in a weird way, but I still quickly sit down if I encounter corners, uphill/downhill changes, etc. I try to stay off the front brake, especially offroad, especially in sand, but the rear is hard to modulate well when I'm on the pegs and it seems too easy to overapply it. I have done some gentle curves as you suggest, using my weight on the pegs to turn, but for sharper corners I lose my nerve. I appreciate the explanation though, it sheds some light on a few things. I guess it's all just down to practice...
The rear brake thing... me too! I adjust my rear brake pedal way down to the floor so that I can put my foot over it as much as possible when sitting without having to lift my toe in an unnatural way. The kind of riding requiring standing and steering with the feet seems to be a kind of nimble, ginger riding which only requires throttle as needed and some engine braking. Minimal braking seems to be required, so usually the front is safe. It's like when power is needed, use it, and when you're coasting at the desired speed, the obstacles you are overcoming are enough to slow the bike. It's like the offroad version of "pacing", where brake is used minimally. And sand slows down the rider quite a bit. It's down to practice, I fully understand. The fear of the front brake is a big obstacle, in many cases. I am familiar with this. (Especially in cornering in loose terrain where brake is needed.) We're dealing with a realm of riding where there are no stoplights or blocks or lane changes to accelerate or decelerate for, so a lot of it is throttle modulation only.

Damn, I hope to ride offroad with you someday. Not that I'm any better or even think I am. I am just sitting in my offroad theory armchair right now and wishing I had a piece of the action. Your posts drive me further into motivation to get out there!!
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