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Originally Posted by DRjoe View Post
I feel your pain with the complexity of welding the rear tank.
Nice job on that rear tank. I found my biggest problem doing the rear tank is I just jumped into it and didn't really think it through, especially the rear cowling where the lights would be. So I had to end up butchering the whole thing up.

On this build I will be much more careful about laying it out. Also need to be careful about how the fuel travels in the tank and if I created any dead spots like my first tank.

I want to get a factory rear end complete with lights, blinkers, license plate holder in hand before I start this tank so I can make sure it will just bolt on. Any suggestions?

Also probably going to make another seat, my Fz1 seat is really comfy and I have plenty of black suede left.

Sanjoh, Totally understand your point now. My Fz1 suffers from that. I just live with it. I really can't step down to the 43 because my wheels won't swap well I guess I could machine spacers, but I already have the forks, wheels and triples. I'll mock it up, I imagine I will quickly see the issue you are having. I could always cut scallops out of the frame and brace it back up.

Wish me luck on getting the bike, Tuesday 12PM High Noon baby
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