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Originally Posted by fred flintstone View Post

To be clear the old O2 sensor is thrown away on the wideband. The new sensor plugs into its own harness that goes directly into the PCIII. There is another branch off the PCIII harness that plugs into the empty OEM O2 socket off the main OEM wiring harness to the motronic. What exactly that does is the question. ....
That is the question. Powercommander makes a product called Wideband Commander which i would guess uses the same technology--but it's only a guess. (Dobeck, maker of Techlusion, has a Wideband option on its latest product, not available for our bikes. They announced a deal with Innovate: Dobeck and Innovate.)

Since the PC III has a cable to the Motronic O2 input, and since the SW shows a closed loop area, I'm now starting to reconsider the way it functions with Motronic. It may be that, like the innovate LC-1, it lets the Motronic run a Closed Loop program part of the time. That part time is likely to be in the shaded area below. That being the case, the Motronic would then have what it needed to calculate Adaptation Values in the areas where the PC allowed Closed Loop.

If this all sounds a little confusing it is. On the one hand, the PC can only add Open Loop fuel when the Motronic isn't Closed Loop. On the other hand, as much as I've measured the Motronic for my LC-1 install, I can't say precisely how the Motronic's Adaptation Values would interact with the PC. Given the Wideband Commander technology and the difficulty of designing a Closed Loop software program it makes some sense that the PC would let the Motronic perform CL. I'll look into this some more.

In the meantime here is an article that compares Innovate and Wideband Commander: WIDEBAND SHOOTOUT
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