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Originally Posted by rustynut2 View Post
You ran it dry on oil. The exhaust cam is first to go, last on the oil line. The compression release broke when it hit the top of the valve cover. The bolts are loose because the cam ate its way into the head,, melting and destroying the aluminum as it got hot.

You will need a new head, cams and might as well do the 685 kit since its a oil burner. The bottom should be fine.

Why did it shut down? Best see if it threw the cam chain and bent the valves. Check valve clearences, if one or more are large the valve hit the piston.

If the engine is locked up it likely has more internal damage. Remove the head and cyl. and see if it turns over BY HAND.
I will probably begin by removing the head and the cylinder as you suggested and continue to uncover what may be causing the motor to be bound up.

If it come to it, what am I looking at if I need to buy a new head and cam assembly? Would I buy both an exhaust and an intake cam assembly? Should I plan on buying the parts new from Kawi? What will a replacement head and cams cost?
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