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Originally Posted by backdrifter View Post
I also won an auction for these handle bar mounts yesterday. Mine have some unusual issue with the aluminum actually cracking and fraying. I've never seen it before, but it's something that couldn't just be buffed or polished out.

I've been looking for some for quite a long time. Some of the decent ones I've seen have gone for $75 or more. These look better than most that I've seen and I got them for $29 including shipping.

These are the eBay pictures, I'll post some more of my own once I get them. They'll need a bit of polishing, but they're in much better shape than my current ones.

I just sold a set of those on ebay. I got one f-ing bid, $5 for shit's sake. I also got shit money for some very nice Guzzi valve covers too. I must be doing something wrong. Damn!
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