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Panniers and rack from Holan install

Well for some time I have wanted to put panniers on the HP2 so that I could take it on long trips and carry my stuff in a more secure and waterproof way. I have the giant loop but It's just not for me on long trips. So I finally dove in and ordered a pannier rack direct from Holan in Poland. I was a bit worried as their web site at the time really wasn't set up to accept orders from the States, but I jumped in anyways with a little prodding from Dorito. So the rack shows up in less than 2 weeks, way faster than Daves KTM parts orders , and it looks really good. Actually I would say that they are the same people that make racks for Touratech. So I go to install it and I can't seem to make it work with the stock muffler....damn it! I am not a big fan of aftermarket mufflers since most of them are usually just noisy. Yeah yeah I know I am getting old but I have always liked my vehicles quiet. So I trolled around for a while trying to find a Akrapovic can but that seemed to be like a needle in a haystack. So I finally posted a WTB ad on ADV and took a while but I found a Leo Vince and bought it because they seem to be about as quiet as Akrapovic from the research I had done. So I got the muffler last week and today I rolled out to the garage and installed it, the Holan racks, and the used Touratech panniers I got from a friend who was upgrading. Thanks Eric!!! The installation went relatively smooth only having to cut one bolt down a bit. The rack is not as rock solid as my rack on my GS Adventure but I think it will work well. The panniers are the Touratech Zega's which are 29L left side and 35L right side. With the addition of the panniers this will pretty much close out the major upgrades. Time to ride.......I wish!

As you can see they run a brace down to the foot peg mount to help distribute the load

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