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Originally Posted by Droptarotter View Post
I have been watching your exploits on this carb swap intently as I was thinking of doing the same. per your hindsight, would it just have been easier to buy a new carb already set up for the 640??
Most of us like to tinker, but with some projects there comes a time when enough is enough.
Any comments?

If you count the labor involved as an expense then yes buying a new carb outright is probably cheaper the first time... But if somebody does the legwork and puts out the info on parts needed, jetting and fitment issues then the carb can be setup for a one off install... Remember, even if you buy a new carb you will need to have the jets set up, get the proper airbox boot and buy a set of throttle cables unless your willing to bend up the bst units... Also a used FCR 37 can be had for $100 if you wait for the right deal as to where a new one puts you back $400-$500 right from the get go... Add an airboot and cables and there goes another $60-$100...

My biggest beef with installing the FCR is the size of the thing... It is really tight to fit it in there and you have to move some electrical and shift the hose routing to make it work... Also the throttle cables run right into the forward right frame backbone so you either have to route them above it or below it which kinda kinks the cables a bit... When I get to the final install I will likely run the cables under the backbone and think about running with the cover plate off so the carb will stand straight up....
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